• The US government has moved $1 billion worth of seized BTC to Coinbase.
• Market participants think a BTC dump is incoming, with BTC currently trading down 1.4%.
• The U.S. Federal Reserve has recently turned hawkish, indicating further rate increases may be necessary to curb inflation.

US Government Moves $1B of Seized BTC

The US government has moved a good chunk of its seized Bitcoin (BTC) to Coinbase, leading market participants to speculate that a BTC dump is imminent. Currently, the crypto markets have enjoyed an impressive start to the year with most coins and tokens rising significantly since January; however, recent weeks have been increasingly challenging for digital assets due to teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and the US Federal Reserve turning hawkish and anticipating larger rate increases.

Significance of Move

Glassnode, blockchain intelligence and data platform reported that almost 40,000 Bitcoin were moved from various wallets associated with US law enforcement seizures – around 9,861 being those seized from the Silk Road hacker – amounting up to roughly $1B in total. This move sparked speculation that Bitcoin could soon experience an unexpected dump as it could retest the $20k resistance zone especially with the Fed’s hawkish stance on Tuesday and its inclination towards higher rates later this year.

Silvergate Bankruptcy & Rate Hikes

Cryptobank Silvergate’s near-bankruptcy had shocked crypto markets last week when billions of dollars vanished in 30 minutes causing Bitcoin (along with ETH & other altcoins) to drop about 5%. This was followed by Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony earlier this week which indicated that further rate hikes might be needed in order to control inflation as the current Federal Funds Rate stands at 4.57%, predicted by some analysts to reach 6% or higher by end of 2023.

Implications for Crypto Markets

The implications of these moves are not entirely clear yet but if there is indeed an incoming dump from those confiscated Bitcoins then it could lead to a bearish sentiment across all digital assets and potentially resetting the price back down towards more reasonable levels after such an impressive 2021 bull run so far for cryptocurrencies overall.


At this point only time will tell how things turn out but either way, it will be interesting watching how these events unfold over the coming days/weeks as they all play a part in deciding where digital asset prices will go next!