It is the wish of many people to earn thousands of dollars easily and safely. Since there are so many online reports about the success stories in trading with Bitcoin, it was only a logical conclusion that in the field of the cryptocurrency market, these investment opportunities have emerged.

With The News Spy, a bot is being developed for cryptocurrency trading with which investors can actually make big profits. In addition, the fact that the minimum deposit is only 250 dollars plays a major role. No matter what the job profile is, whether student, employee or self-employed, successful trading can be started with the minimum deposit.

However, many will ask themselves whether this trading bot is real and whether it is also serious.
The following article provides comprehensive information on this.


The News Spy – what is it actually?

The News Spy is a robot designed for trading cryptocurrencies. It seems to be a very good choice to use the bot for trading, as Bitcoin accounts for more than 60% of the market capitalisation.

On the homepage of The News Spy, the trader can see testimonials and read that many investors have already made up to 10,478 US dollars in profit after the first few hours of trading. Registration is kept very simple. After the minimum deposit of 250 dollars, the future trader can join those who have already achieved considerable profits.

Features & Functionality


The News Spy – who is it?

Who developed The News Spy cannot be determined. However, this is not relevant and has no influence on the software. With Pro Capital Markets, a worldwide known broker is available that is connected to The News Spy. This broker is one of the best of its kind in the world and on the market.

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Opinions on The News Spy

I am by no means an investor. I am not aware of anything related to trading at all. In fact, I was always of the opinion that this digital currency is not real money and does not really exist. Then I found out about The News Spy and jumped over my shadow and tried it out. What can I say, it works exactly as described. Today, I am able to concentrate fully on my children and only devote about half an hour a day to the bot. For the last year I have been living very well with the profits I have made.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hourly payouts: Every user is guaranteed to make an hourly withdrawal.
Automatic trading: As can be read on the The News Spy website, the trader does not have to spend more than half an hour a day in front of the PC to check his account balance and adjust the settings if necessary. Everything else is done by the bot.
Daily profit: A trader of the software can expect an average profit of 1,100 dollars per day. This is as much as even experienced traders can achieve.
Good reputation: The bot from The News Spy has a phenomenal reputation on the cryptocurrency trading market. It also impresses with its great accuracy rating.

A mobile app is not available.


With The News Spy’s bot, investors are guaranteed to get daily profits. The efficiency of the bot is there as The News Spy works with the very latest technology. Thus, the investor gets a help at his side that can even increase his profits.
The image that the trading bot shows cannot be ignored and also has an excellent response. That is why more and more people decide to test the bot. After signing up, the investor’s wealth can increase rapidly.

How does the bot from The News Spy compare to other bots?

The News Spy is one of the most reliable trading bots. The software is among the best on the market. Therefore, The News Spy can be recommended without hesitation.