• OpenSea has acquired Gem and released a new version of the NFT data aggregator that includes new features, such as instant sales and advanced order types.
• The new version of Gem comes with an exclusive NFT collection for the most loyal users of the aggregator.
• OpenSea is challenging Blur by offering zero fees, advanced order types, deepest liquidity, and fastest speeds.

OpenSea Acquires Gem

OpenSea has acquired Gem on April 25th, 2022 to invest in Pro service. This rebranded NFT data aggregator will include new features such as instant sales and advanced order types. To celebrate this innovative move, OpenSea erased the fees for NFTs listed through OpenSea Pro. Further enhancements will come soon according to the official statement including a reward system giving its most valuable members exclusive NFTs.

Challenging Blur

In March 2021 monthly NFT trade neared $2bn but OpenSea scored less than Blur.io taking up most of the trading volume generated by NFT traders. As a response to this challenge from Blur, OpenSea invested in their upgraded version of Gem which offers zero fees, advanced order types, deepest liquidity, fastest speeds and more features tailored towards professional traders.

Exclusive Collection For Loyal Users

The Gem community has been hunting for NFT gems since Gem became a top hit among professional traders due to its ability to batch-buy across different platforms simultaneously and saving on fees. As part of this upgrade to OpenSea Pro they are creating an exclusive collection specifically for those who used the Gem aggregator before March 31st 2023 called „Gemesis“.

Executive Team Remains The Same

The executive team of Open Sea Pro will remain the same as it was under Gem’s leadership although they planned to launch an in-built native cryptocurrency at some point in time which would be separate from their current operations with Blur or other competitors in the market place .

Why You Should Care?

Open Sea’s innovative move is sure to keep up with its competitors as well as draw attention from potential investors with their unique offerings like no fee trades ,advanced order types ,deepest liquidity etc .It also provides a chance for loyal users of their platform get access to exclusive collections & rewards . All these factors should be taken into account when assessing whether you should care about this news or not .