• Nexon and Polygon partner to launch MapleStory Universe on the blockchain
• The game will integrate NFTs for in-game items, rewards, and utilities
• MapleStory Universe currently has 180 million registered users

Nexon and Polygon Partner to Launch MapleStory Universe

South Korean gaming giant Nexon has partnered with Polygon (MATIC) to launch one of its most successful games, MapleStory Universe. The game will be built on a dedicated application-specific Polygon Supernet that is customized for the complex requirements of massive online gaming.

MapleStory NFTs

The integration of Polygon into the game will allow players to earn and collect NFT items through gameplay. These items can then be used to unlock various benefits or utilities across the ecosystem. Currently, players are able to buy and sell in-game items with Web 2 currency.

Game Success

MapleStory Universe boasts over 180 million registered users and is one of Nexon’s most successful games. Sun-young Hwang, group leader at MapleStory Universe said that “We are looking forward to expanding the NFT ecosystem envisioned by MapleStory Universe by building on Polygon, the top protocol for Web3 gaming.“

Gaming Reshaping

Gaming has been touted as one of the areas that crypto will drastically transform in the next few years. However, critics say there hasn’t been a blockchain based game yet worth playing. With this partnership between Nexon and Polygon however this may soon change.

Launch Timeline

There is no timeline given as to when the game will launch but it is likely that it won’t be too far into the future given how eager both companies are to get started with their plans.