• Gemini announced its plans to enter the UAE market to become a “truly global company.”
• The exchange cited high crypto enthusiasm in the UAE as one of the reasons for entering the market, with more than 35% of those surveyed owning crypto.
• Centralized exchanges have been struggling all year, mainly because of the tough regulatory stance, especially in the U.S.

Gemini Plans To Enter UAE Market

Gemini, one of the most popular centralized crypto exchanges, has announced its intention to obtain a license from regulators in United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to Gemini’s blog post on Wednesday, they hope that this will help them become a “truly global company” and advance their mission to unlock financial and creative freedom for all.

High Crypto Enthusiasm In UAE

The main reason why Gemini is choosing to enter this market is due to high enthusiasm about cryptocurrency within the UAE. According to their research survey, it was found that more than 35% of those surveyed owned some form crypto compared to only 20% in US. Additionally, 32% of non-owners in UAE indicated they are likely purchase crypto sometime during 2023 year. This data shows that when it comes to adoption rate for cryptocurrency then UAE is third place worldwide behind Brazil and Indonesia respectively.

Centralized Exchanges Struggling In US

Centralized exchanges have been struggling all year long due mainly toughened regulations especially in US markets which is why many are trying expand globally instead. Despite this issue however, Gemini still has difficulty retrieving approximate $900 million worth customer funds from Digital Currency Group (DCG) at present time which further complicates matters even more so for them going into future as well.

What This Means For Crypto?

It will be interesting see how cryptocurrencies manage survive through these tough times since centralized exchanges now branching out into other regions outside US. This could potentially mean new opportunities arise along way such as recent news regarding OG ETH wallet suddenly waking up and move 8,000 ETH within minutes or Optimism’s huge OP unlock but only time tell if this trend continues or not given current state market conditions at moment currently right now indeed overall speaking accordingly sure enough likewise perhaps too eventually as well surely enough without doubt obviously possibly maybe eventually nonetheless additionally etcetera et cetera so forth forthwith henceforth conclusively definitely clearly ultimately thus finally evidently definitely consequently lastly certainly ultimately absolutely undoubtedly


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